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2-Hour Driving Lesson + Driving Exam

To be eligible  for this program you must have a laminated learner's permit.


This package is intended for people who already KNOW how to drive, but need more practice to feel comfortable with the maneuvers to be performed during the road test.  This program includes:

* 2 hour driving lesson.
* Driving test with a TPA (Third Party Administrator) authorized by the DMV.

Pick up & Drop off.


If the driving exam is approved, the applicant must go to the DMV at their earliest convenience for license pick up. Third parties do not issue driver licenses.


“All applicants are subject to random selection for re-examination at the driver license or tax collector office prior to the issuance of any license.  Failure to pass the random re-exam will require the applicant to pass the driving exam prior to license issuance.”

To drive in Florida, you need a current Learner's Permit or Driver's License.


Click HERE to learn how to get a Learner's Permit. Please DO NOT book this program if you do not have a Florida learner's permit card.


Before you book, please, see our Cancellation Policy


"The Permit Exam and the Road Test are reciprocated (waived) if you present a valid driver's license from any of the following:

Unites States (including Territories/Possessions), United States Military, Canada(*), France, Germany (driving skills test only), Republic of China (Taiwan), and South Korea."

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