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All kids under 18 taking the FL Permit Exam + Preparation Class with us from Jun 1st to 30th, you will pay  $70 instead the $100 regular price!


Our preparation class lasts 2 ½ hour and is intended to help you get ready for the Florida Permit Exam. 


If you have never taken the permit exam, you have 3 chances to pass it with us.

Permit Exam retake is $10


"All applicants are subject to random selection for re-examination at the driver license or tax collector office prior to the issuance of any license.  Failure to pass the random re-exam will require the applicant to pass the knowledge exam prior to license issuance.”

Distracted Driving

"Distracted driving is extremely risky behavior that puts you and your passengers in danger, as well as pedestrians and bicyclists sharing the road. Focused attention on driving helps to prevent crashes."

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