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We teach Defensive Driving. From the preparation class and the Permit Exam in our office, to the driving lessons and final DMV Road Test, your kids will learn how to drive safely and responsibly on our roads. 

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Basic and complex driving skills:      

*Right and left turns

*Intersections *Speed control

*Following distance *Right of way  *Changing lanes *Mirrors & Blind Spot *3 point turn *Quick stop *U-turns *Reversing *Parking *Local roads

*Highways  *Defensive driving


Kelly's Driving School was founded in 2018 in Davie, Florida with the mission to teach Defensive Driving  to our kids in a friendly and relaxed environment. Our goal is that they can learn how to drive safely, with confidence, and responsibility in our roads.

Over the years, we have found new needs, and we have set new goals. Today we can proudly announce that we have become a Third Party Administrator (TPA), which means that we are approved by the FLHSMV to run the Class E Knowledge Exam in our classrooms. 

Now we prepare our kids for the written test (Class E Knowledge Exam) on traffic rules, laws, signals, and more; along with the driving skills that they need to be safe, and keep others safe on the road.

Our brand new cars (Nissan Versa 2021, Toyota Corolla 2022) and even our dear and loyal beauty (Nissan Versa 2014) are full equipped with a dual break system, additional safety features such as blind spot assist, blind spot mirrors,  rear view mirrors for instructors, lane keeping assist, etc.  Safety is our premise.


We are fully insured and licensed by the State of Florida - Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles - to provide behind-the-wheel instruction.

After years of experience teaching how to drive you can relay on my school and myself  to teach your kids how to drive straight from the beginning.

Kelly Mendible

School License Number: 4830

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