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4-Hour-Behind-The-Wheel Driving Instruction Court Mandate

This training is intended for drivers who have received a suspension/cancellation letter from the FLHSMV, and have been ordered to take this training as part of the requirements to reinstate their driving privilege.  Pick up & Drop off is included in our service area.


Beyond the 4-hour driving to comply with the requirements, we'll work to improve your driving skills if needed, and we'll get you ready to pass the extended road test that you will be performing as part of the requirements to reinstate your driving privilege.
Once the training has been completed, this school will send the information to Tallahassee for the record to be updated, and for you to proceed with the next step required to reinstate your driver's license.

Three Crashes in Three Years Law

Complete a 12-Hour Driver Improvement Course.

Receive 4-hour-behind-the-wheel training with a commercial driving school.

Pass the extended driving test wit a driver license examiner.

Failure to complete these requirements within 90 days will result in a license cancellation.

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