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Walk-ins are welcome. Appointments are recommended

Florida Driving Exam

To be eligible for this Driving Exam you must have an original Florida Learner's Permit.

Kelly's Driving School is a TPA (Third Party Administrator) authorized by the state to administer the Florida Driving Exam in our facilities.

Come to us to take the Florida driving exam in our office. Avoid long lines and endless waiting time. Once you pass this Florida driving exam, your Florida driver license will be issued by your local DMV. 

We can also come to you to pick you up, bring you to the office to take your FL Driving Exam and once you are ready, we take you back home. This service is $160 and you can book it here


Please notice that  “All applicants are subject to random selection for re-examination at the driver license or tax collector office prior to the issuance of any license.  Failure to pass the random re-exam will require the applicant to pass the knowledge exam prior to license issuance.”

Walk-ins are welcome from Monday to Friday, but appointments are recommended.

Saturday: By appointment only.

If you have already taken and failed this Florida driving exam 3 times with another TPA, please DO NOT book.  You will have to retake it at the DMV. If you have failed this exam just at the DMV, you can come to us.


Please notice that if you come to us for the first time, but you have failed this exam before, you will have to pay an additional fee of $20 (charged by the DMV to our school).

If you fail your exam with us and you want to retake it, the retake fee is $40

If you are under 18, you must hold your Florida Learner's permit with no traffic violations for at least 1 year before been eligible to apply for your Florida Driver License.


If you have a current learner's permit from another state, please do not book this driving exam until you transfer your permit to the state of Florida by going directly to the DMV.

Call us or whatsapp to learn more, or keep looking at our website to find all your needs covered in just one school!

Driver License

"Some of the purposes of the driver license examination is to determine that you understand Florida driving laws, can read and understand road signs, signals and highway markings; meet minimum vision standards, and have the knowledge, skills, and experience to drive safely."

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